About Us


What’s Chasing Uhuru?

Chasing Uhuru is an embodiment of a life lived freely. Its sole purpose is to provide you with the inspiration to do the same.

Uhuru, by definition, means “freedom, independence, liberty” in Kiswahili. The idea of “Chasing” Uhuru is supposed to evoke feelings of desperation, but not in the way one might think. Desperation doesn’t always need to equate to hopelessness or misery, but rather it can describe that subtle fire that begins to ignite within. It can describe the aimless and passionate wanderings of someone who’s decided that they want just a tad bit more out of life. It can describe the overwhelming emotions that come with realizing that the universe can offer you anything and everything you want, but you just have to pursue it.

What’s your Uhuru? What are you chasing?


Who’s Chasing Uhuru?

Jordan and Katie met abroad in Spring ’12. The story takes place against the backdrop of the lively and vibrant Mombasa, Kenya. Picture this: two girls, overcome with excitement and enthusiasm quickly discover they are not only “in the same boat,” but that they are the same boat. An instantaneous bond formed when they simultaneously blurted out “messy” as an association between “preschool” and “ketchup.” Their muumuued adventures began to unfold: hours of handwashing long skirts and unmentionables, stealthily stealing single rolls of toilet paper, surviving skinned knees and jellyfish stings (not without Katie’s associated panic attacks), consuming obscene amounts of chapati and samosas, unsuccessfully searching for any and all forms of cheese, and strutting through their hotel room with pen-inked tattoos after discovering the meaning of “Uhuru.” 

After years of being separated by states, countries and oceans, these Mombasa Babes have reunited in Europe. Currently in matching boots and blanket scarves, on the road and working remotely, they’ve finally found the time to write all this shit down. 


We share more things than most.

Wanderers, thinkers, dreamers, feelers, optimists. Procrastinators, over-reactors, the queens of the “what if?” moments. Emoji fanatics, extensive menu-perusers, suckers for street food, computer gamers until the end of time. Professional overthinkers, painfully indecisive, over packers.


Jordan Leigh Bryant, Co-Founder


A Southern California native, Jordan literally bears the “Chasing Uhuru” tattoo with pride. She is now an Eastern European transplant that’s still learning to cope with winter. She’s a foodie by nature, enjoys fresh air and finds pleasure in over complicating the simple things in life. She is most definitely an Aquarius and fulfills her ENFP Myer’s Briggs personality like it’s her profession. She strongly believes that it’s never too late to start over, but would prefer a few clones to deal with life’s hardships and dirty work. Always on the go, Jordan has somehow managed to live in 4 countries over the past 3 years she’s thoroughly embracing the life of a digital nomad. 


 Katie Runyon Baldwin, Co-Founder

KIMG_8256atie is the queen of quirky and all things cheese. She’s an enthusiast (of everything) and is always slipping into cliches. She gets far too invested in movies and spends too long in museums. Home is in Rhode Island, in front of a movie, or reading on a windy beach (cliche). Although currently she is a little home-less and attempting to navigate post 9-5 life and the freedom of remote work. A textbook Kapha, this goes against her rooted nature but she’s learning to love her wings (cliche again). She desperately misses Patrick Swayze.