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Month of Chunk

Month of Chunk

What is the Month of Chunk?

The Month of Chunk was a month (technically 32 days) of travel, planned and executed by Jordan and Katie. It began as an overzealous attempt to squeeze as many countries as physically possible into a short period of time, yet it grew into a lovely and manageable ‘chunk’. We traveled solely by bus, train and other forms of public transportation – not one plane was included in this endeavor. We created a functional budget that allowed us to keep track of our large expenses (e.g. accommodation and transportation) as well as hold us accountable during our day-to-day escapades (e.g. food and fun).


Here’s a quick look at our itinerary:

Vilnius -> Warsaw -> Kraków -> Budapest -> Vienna -> Prague -> Berlin

If you’re interested in the nitty gritty details, check out our post here. (coming soon)

Why the Month of Chunk?

The Month of Chunk was officially developed during a sleep-deprived brainstorming session in Boston. Katie had already committed to quitting her job, visiting Jordan and embarking on some various travels throughout Europe. Jordan had somehow found the opportunity to plop herself in Boston PRE-traveling back to Europe and pre-Katie’s “Second Quarter of Life, Hello!” celebration (aka 25th birthday).

It was all too familiar – friends that met abroad, but somehow could never manage a “normal” moment of friendship upon returning to the United States. We were both in school and/or working, lived on opposite sides of the country (sometimes on different continents) and timezone differences are anything but apologetic. Okay, we will cut the melodrama  – we were afforded plenty of normal friendship moments: two adventure-filled Camp Bisco Festivals (BRING IT BACK!), hundreds of Whatsapp voice messages, Katie’s trip to California to visit Jordan and Jordan’s graduate school spring break spent in Boston while desperately grasping for Katie’s attention during her work’s dreaded budget season…but, let’s be real – that just wasn’t enough!

At first, we felt ridiculous. We knew that most people our age aren’t always fortunate enough to have their best friends consistently within an arm’s reach. But, we were forgetting something! Most people our age, including ourselves, did get that opportunity at one point or another. They meet their best friends during childhood, in college, or as co-workers – more often than not, these circumstances create a stable environment to nurture close and substantial friendships. But, most people our age don’t meet abroad in Mombasa, instantly connect over a word association and become inseparable roommates for 3 months, only to return home with no concrete way to bridge the gap between the new and the old.

And this is the thought that stuck. We wanted to do something that would give us the opportunity to essentially fill in the gaps of the 4 years that we’ve been friends. So we retreated to Eastern Europe (and Germany) to recount stories, make new ones and spend as much quality time together as we could possibly get!


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